ASTM D8111-23

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1.1 This test method covers an engine test procedure for evaluating automotive engine oils for certain high-temperature performance characteristics, including oil thickening (as measured by kinematic viscosity increase), piston deposits, ring sticking, oil consumption, and phosphorus retention. Such oils include both single-viscosity and multiviscosity grade oils that are used in both spark-ignition, gasoline-fueled engines, as well as in diesel engines.

1.1.1 Additionally, with nonmandatory supplemental requirements, a Sequence IIIHA Test (Mini Rotary Viscometer and Cold Cranking Simulator measurements), or a Sequence IIIHB Test (phosphorus retention measurement) can be conducted. These supplemental test procedures are contained in Appendix X1 and Appendix X2, respectively.

Note 1: Companion test methods used to evaluate engine oil performance for specification requirements are discussed in SAE J304.

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