Standard 90.1-2001 User's Manual

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The 90.1 User’s Manual was developed as a companion document to ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2001, and reflects all addenda and changes made to the standard. The User’s Manual eases use of the standard by offering information about its intent and application, as well as by including numerous examples and sample calculations that illustrate how architects and engineers can apply Standard 90.1-2001 to their building designs. The manual streamlines the compliance process and includes standard, ready-to-use compliance forms. It also provides information on energy simulation computer programs used in the energy cost budget method of compliance. A CD accompanies the manual and contains an updated version of the EnvStd computer program and PDF versions of the compliance forms provided in the User’s Manual. The EnvStd program is used for doing building envelope trade-offs. The CD requires a 486 or Pentium-based computer and either Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.5 or later. 8MB of RAM (16MB recommended) and 10MB of free hard-disk space is required.

ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2001 is sold separately.

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